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[Sys] Daily Maintenance, Updating Trader Girl and Pets Shop Items, Pets box drop Rate

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Hello, dear all,
The game will be shut down for maintenance in 10 minutes (maintenance time is about 10 minutes or so), during the maintenance can not log in the game temporarily!

After this maintenance, there are 4 parts will be updated:

1. Trader girl---domojoy free mall item exchange---you can get new items as below:
Beginner Armor Upgrade Box
Medium Armor Upgrade Box
Beginner Weapon Upgrade Box
Medium Weapon Upgrade Box
Mod Box
Tigerseye (E)                Tigerseye (D)                Tigerseye (C)                Spinel (C)
Agate (E)                Agate (D)                Agate (C)                Aquamarine (C)
Citrine (E)                Citrine (D)                Olivine (C)                Obsidian (C)
Amethyst (E)                Amethyst (D)                Opal (C)                Turquoise (C)
Obsidian (E)                Obsidian (D)                Citrine (C)                Moonstone (C)
Turquoise (E)                Turquoise (D)                Amethyst (C)                Ruby (C)

2.The Intermediate Evolution Stone, Advanced Evolution Stone, Flying Upgrade Stone will be all available in Pet Shop from NPC Paula.

3.The Kuku egg lucky box will be updated to Item Mall.

4.The drop rate for Ruby Egg、 Love Egg from SE 1-14 and S1-S4 lucky boxes will be increased, and you can get them much easier than before.

That's all for today's updating, it will be automatically updated in your end, if there is any abnormal situation, please feel free to contact us.


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